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So I've recieved my first review!

A review of Lily of the Wastelands by Kassa over at the Three AM blog:


This is fantastic news. The story recieved 3.5 of 5 stars.

She's quick to point out that the length could have been longer. I honestly agree with her. I want to write more in this universe, and to tell Saoirse's story. I've re-read it, and I was afraid to give it the novel-length it deserved. No matter. It was a first foray into the world of authorship, and I will learn and grow in my craft. So sayeth the Gabriel.

I'm so happy to be reviewed. I hope to see more reviews, and to learn from them as well.

I'll be in tow!
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Since many are going to Dreamwidth, it seems pertinent that I start posting over here. LJ is no longer allowing many things, and many think it sucks. I am not thrilled about cross-posting everything, but it rather has the sensation of the between-time of Myspace and Facebook before Myspace decided to finally die. I'm not terribly concerned about having to do it long.

My name is Gabriel Belthir. I'm an author. I have 3 short stories and a novel to my name published, and I have several more projects in the works. I look forward to getting to know the people here on Dreamwidth as I have begun to know the people on LJ.

In any case, expect more from a Madman's Desk.

I'll be in tow!



Nov. 4th, 2009 01:20 pm
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So, I pretty much decided not to do it this year. It kills me, but I just wasn't ready. Not enough prep time I suppose. I all signed up and everything. I should probably go notate that on my profile, though I doubt anyone's really following me or cares.

I will do it next year, when I have had prep time to know where to start. I mean, I hadn't even really decided what to write, or what verse it would be in, or whatever. So yeah. Try this again next year.
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Testing, testing, one two three...


Just thought I'd test-post and all...Yayz.

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